Programme – Saturday 27th May

  • 2nd March 2023

Saturday 27 May

Note:  This programme is subject to change

Free Paper Session

8.00 – 9.30 | AXA Auditorium

8.00: Christopher Liu UK 
An update on management of persistent epithelial defects and or glaucoma in keratoplasty 

Instructional Course: Suturing

8.30 – 9.30 | Room 1 (Level -1)

Harminder Dua UK 

Dalia Said UK 

Opening Ceremony & Medal Lecture

9.30 – 10.15 | AXA Auditorium

Beatrice Cochener-Lamard FRANCE 
Opening Remarks 

George Kymionis GREECE
EuCornea Medal Lecture: Combined surgical techniques for the management of corneal and IOL complications
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Instructional Course: DALK

10.45 – 11.45 | Room 1 (Level -1)

Vincenzo Sarnicola ITALY 

Alberto Villarubia SPAIN

Global Symposium:
Keratoconus Management Around the World
(EuCornea, Cornea Society, Asia Cornea & Pan Cornea)

10.45 – 12.45 | AXA Auditorium

Moderators: Beatrice Cochener-Lamard FRANCE, George Kymionis GREECE & Mario Nubile ITALY

Part 1: Diagnosis of Corneal Ectasia 

10.45: Pierre Fournie, FRANCE (EUCORNEA) 
The global impact of corneal ectatic disorders: lifetime economic burden of  

10.55: José Alvaro Pereira Gomes, BRAZIL (PANCORNEA)  
Definition and differential diagnosis (keratoconus vs other corneal ectasias) (10 min)  

11.05: Shizuka Koh, JAPAN (ASIA CORNEA SOCIETY)  
Current and upcoming technologies for keratoconus diagnosis: what should be used?  

11.15: Michael Belin, USA (CORNEA SOCIETY)  
Ectasia progression: risk factors, definition, and follow-up  

11.25: Panel Interactive Discussion 

Part 2: Treatment Algorithm of Corneal Ectasia 

11.45: Carina Koppen, BELGIUM (EUCORNEA) 
Conservative non-surgical management: from spectacles to new generation contact lenses 

11.55: Maria Henriquez, USA (CORNEA SOCIETY) 
The role of Corneal Cross Linking: when and how  

12.05: Luis Izquierdo, PERU (PANCORNEA) 
Corneal Re-shaping technique: types and role in the surgical management  

12.15: Rajesh Fogla, INDIA (ASIA CORNEA SOCIETY)  
Keratoplasty: indications and techniques  

12.25: Panel Interactive Discussion  

YO & Senior Hot Topic: Reconstruction of Ocular Surface

14.00 – 14.45 | AXA Auditorium

Miriam Barbany SPAIN

Jesper Hjortdal DENMARK 

Maria Fideliz de la Paz SPAIN 

Maria Phylactou GREECE 

Instructional Course: Common Corneal Procedures

14.45 – 15.45 | Room 1 (Level -1)

Harminder Dua UK 

Dalia Said UK 

Free Paper Session

14.45 – 16.15 | AXA Auditorium

14.45:  Bruce Allan UK  
Keynote: PTK 

Instructional Course: Imaging

16.45 - 17.45 | Room 1 (Level -1)

Beatrice Cochener-Lamard FRANCE

Sebastian Siebelmann GERMANY

Lamellar Grafts & Alternatives

16.45 – 18.15 | AXA Auditorium

Moderators: Jose Guell SPAIN, Claus Cursiefen GERMANY

16.45: Antonia Howaldt GERMANY 
Pentacam-based detection of fibrillar layer to customize DM-stripping in DMEK  

16.57: Juan Alvarez de Toledo SPAIN 
Avoiding inverted grafts in DMEK: intraoperative strategies      

17.09: Arie Marcovich ISRAEL 
Endoart: how it was invented and where it may be useful   

17.21:  Rajesh Fogla INDIA  
How to get a successful DALK in front of posterior layers limitations   

17.33: Mert Mestanoglu TURKEY  
Update on fish-scale based biocornea 

17.45:  Discussion 

18.15: End of session